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Financial clarity.
Operational excellence.
Leadership capacity.


CB Johnson & Associates, PLLC

Optimizing businesses at the intersection of financial clarity, operational excellence, and leadership capacity.

We believe the dreamers, the makers, the builders, the creators – the people who set out to remake the world in their own image because they can – the people who see opportunity everywhere they look -  the people who have the force of will to get the job done – the people who see productive activity as their greatest calling - they drive the success of our tribes, our communities, our nation, and our world.

We believe they are the key to our future.

We want to find them. We want to help them.

We empower emerging business leaders to make better decisions, faster. We do this to accelerate the pace of positive change in the world around us. Because the world they imagine, the world they see, the world only they can build… that’s the world we want to live in.

We equip them with tools to create more value, sooner… and we guide them to build legacies that last.

We just happen to be accountants.


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